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Grupo Oraña Legal

One of the areas Grupo Oraña is active on, is Legal. We can advise you in all your issues where the Spanish law is applicable. We are your partner concerning private legal advice as well as legal advice for companies. Do you require a lawyer or a notary? Grupo Oraña will bring you in contact with one of our partners. We also advice you regarding testaments and Spanish inheritance. Do you want to sell real estate? Grupo Oraña Legal also accompanies you with the legal part of the ´compra-venta´.


In case you will be confronted with a legal dispute in which Spanish law is applicable, we advise you to engage a Spanish lawyer. Grupo Oraña Legal would like to assist you in this matter. For all conveyancing needs when purchasing a property, checking or preparing contracts, assistance with negotiations and conflicts of interest.  We can also offer assistance with debtors, unpaid invoices and all unresolved legal matters.
We work in close cooperation with the prestigious firm of Martinez Echevarria Perez Ferrero abogados, group of profesionals of various fields.  

Legal advice for your Company

Do you want to start a company in Spain but you can not decide what entity it should be? You are curious to what law your company is limited? You want to know what legislation is aplicable to your product or service? Grupo Oraña can assist you in all of these legal issues. We check all relevant documents, information and data and we search together with you for the best solution. Grupo Oraña closely cooperates with the prestigious team of lawyers of Martinez Echevarria Perez Ferrero who are fully conversant in Spanish law and its requirements. We are able to give you integral, direct, clear and understandable legal advice. Next to this we can also help you obtaining all necessary licences for your enterprise.

Legal Advice for private persons

To make sure all transactions are as tax efficient and financially sound as possible our tax advisors can provide the required help.  This is not restricted to those who are involved in business but is equally applicable to individuals who wish to benefit from general tax advice.  Our specialists can advise upon all matters both nationally and internationally.
One of the consequences of being a Spanish resident is that you could see yourself confronted with the Spanish law. When you want to sell or buy a house, change your testament or wish to dissolve a disagreement, you have to undertake some legal steps. Grupo Oraña could be of great help; we can bring you in touch with a Spanish lawyer and notary and we assist you with advice concerning e.g. a provisional ´compraventa´ (purchase contract). If one of your relatives lives in Spain and you wish to know more about inheritance in Spain, contact us and we will inform you about the fiscal and legal consequences of inheriting Spanish estate and assets.

Notarial Advice

Almost every legal act needs to be accompanied by a notarial deed. Whether you want to establish a company, sell/buy real estate or change your last will. Grupo Oraña will put you in contact with a Spanish notary and we accompany you at all notarial occasions. If you wish you could authorize us to attend your interests so you do not have to go the Spanish notary all the times and save time for other things.

Testaments & Inheritance

You live in Spain and your heirs live abroad? Your relative lived until death in Spain and you –as heir- need assistance with the all procedures related to the last will? You wish to be informed about donations and inheritance in Spain? Grupo Oraña Legal can help you with all these difficult, most of the time quite emotional, matters. According to your personal situation and your testament we will calculate the Spanish inheritance for your heirs. We can provide you with advice concerning donations, estate planning and interesting possibilities to save on succession taxes. We also attend at general questions about Inheritances. In close cooperation with a foreign and Spanish notary we can help you obtaining the Certificate of Last Will, neccesary to acomplish Spanish Inheritance Procedure. Grupo Oraña Legal advices all clients to review or renew your testament every five years to be sure that your last will covers all recent amendments. At last we advice you with the settlement of estates from a Spanish testament as well as a foreign testament with Spanish estate.

Real Estate Transaction

The legislations of buying and selling properties in Spain are completely incomparable with those in the Netherlands and Belgium. Rights and obligations are very strict in Spain, but could be at the same time very time consuming. To be sure all requirements for registering properties are met, Grupo Oraña Legal accompanies you during the entire process and, if necessary, in close cooperation with Grupo Oraña´s tax advisors.


  • Examining the status of the propery;
  • Investigating the current owners and any company structures;
  • The legality of the property;
  • The necessary licences;
  • All necessary contracts.

We also provide legal assistance if you wish to sell your Spanish real estate. We will take care of all – mostly time consuming – procedures plus a proper settlement of the sale. We could also help you with the valuation of your property.


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