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Grupo Oraña Accounting

We can provide you with fiscal advise in compliance with Spanish law and legislations. Grupo Oraña Accountancy also assists at tax audits and give effective tax advice. Did you recently start up a Spanish company? Grupo Oraña Accounting can help setting up your business administration. Do you want to extend your company and hire some employees? We will look after your labour administration.

Company formation

With help of Oraña you will chose the apropriate form of businss. Whether it will be limited liabillity company (Sociedad Limitada), PLC(Sociedad Anonima), partnership (Sociedad Civil) or sole tradership (Autonomo) the procedure to follow are longlasting and complex.

We lead you thru the formation process and make sure that the necesssary obligations are fulfiled. Where we can, we take over your responsabilities so you may have to come only for one day visit to Spain during the formation period. Experience has shown that it takes about six weeks until your company could be active. Our Grupo Oraña Consultants would be grateful to discuss your plans and ideas during an optional meeting.


  • Applying for the aproval of the company name and registering at the Spanish equivalent to Companies House;
  • Signing the Deeds of Foundation (Mem. And Arts);
  • Apply a CIF Number (fiscal number, equal to VAT number) at Spanish tax office;
  • Prepairing the the rental-/buying/ goodwill (leasehold, freehold) contract for the office location;
  • Applying for all necessary licences;
  • Register company activity.

Once he company is active Grupo Oraña would be grateful to help you setting up your business administration. If you want to employ personnel we can also help you with your labour

Business Administration

Also for your Spanish company the business administration had to be well organized. Grupo Oraña Accountancy possess all necessary knowledge to set up the administration of your company conform Spanish law. We provide also help with optimize your business administration.

Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

Our specialized accountants and book keepers manage your "books" (financial records) and, together with our team of financial advisors and lawyers, ensure you maximize the benefits of the ever-changing possibilities in fiscal matters. It goes without saying that we can take care of all your tax declarations both nationally and internationally and, if necessary, certified by our in-house official auditors (equivalent to chartered accountants). Our aim is to give you the most tax-effective results.

Spanish law has very strict rules concerning accounting regulations. Grupo Oraña´s accountants are highly qualified and will be notified about every change or release. The result of which ensures that our advisors are able to arrange your accounting exactly conforming to Spanish law and it’s requirements. You can also rely on us if you are planning to take-over an existing company: we check if the previous bookkeeping has any irregularities. Due to the close cooperation with the Tax Department of Grupo Oraña, we can provide our clients with the most pleasing financial suggestions.

Grupo Oraña Accountancy offers these services at very competitive Spanish rates. You may also benefit from our tailor-made packages. Contact us for an appointment with one of our advisors.

Human Resources and Wages Administration

For all matters concerning staff; contracts of employment, SUBSIDISING, etc, again, we have in-house specialists to attend to all your needs. In addition, we will also prepare contracts and take care of all administration related to wages so that you, our client, have no more concerns about all the "red tape". We will assist you.

The Spanish law requires an university degree 'Graduado Social' for those of the advisors dealing with Human Resources. Therefore we can ensure we give advice and information to suit your situation regarding all employment matters.

Oraña Human Recourses and Wage Administration would be grateful to assist you with:

  • Starting up and assimiling the total labour administration;
  • Preparing employment contracts and Social Security forms;
  • Advising about how to request grants in Spain;
  • Dismissal procedures;
  • Representation at lawsuits in case of severe grievences;
  • Labour issues in general.

Annual Tax Returns (Declaración de la renta)

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